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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you want to find out more about how our leaflet distribution services actually work? Read our Frequently Asked Questions and their responses from the Managing Director of Chesterfield Leaflet Distribution below to find out more.

Q: What type of things can Chesterfield Leaflet Distribution deliver?
A: Although we primarily deliver leaflet and flyers, we can also deliver other articles such as magazines, menus, business cards, brochures.

Q: Who do Chesterfield Leaflet Distribution typically deliver leaflets for?
A: Our clients include a wide variety of businesses in Chesterfield from small family-run firms to large corporate companies. However big or small your business is, we’re able to tailor our leaflet distribution services to meet the needs of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What areas does Chesterfield Leaflet Distribution deliver to?
A: Chesterfield Leaflet Distribution only delivers leaflets to places in and around the Chesterfield area. Unlike other leaflet distribution companies, we prefer to specialise in the area we know best. This is beneficial because it means that our leaflet distributors have a good knowledge of the area they are delivering too, and that we can target the appropriate areas of Chesterfield based on the needs of our clients.

Q: Where is Chesterfield Leaflet Distribution based?
A: Although we deliver to all areas of Chesterfield, our main office is located in the Walton area of Chesterfield.

Q: How many other leaflets will you be delivering with my leaflets?
A: None! Many leaflet delivery businesses deliver many leaflets at the same time so that they can maximise their profits. However, we understand that our clients don’t want their leaflets to get lost amongst those of other businesses, so at Chesterfield Leaflet Distribution we have a policy of ‘one leaflet at one time’. This means that our client’s leaflets are delivered on their own with no other leaflets, leaving their leaflet to have the greatest possible impact on their potential customers.

Q: How much does Chesterfield Leaflet Distribution charge for the delivery of 1000 leaflets?
A: Typically, we would charge £60 to deliver 1000 leaflets. This price is incredibly competitive, especially as we only deliver one leaflet at one time so that our client’s leaflets have the maximum impact on their potential customers. Our prices vary depending on the area of Chesterfield, the size of the order placed and whether its leaflets or magazines that we are delivering – get in touch to get a more accurate quotation.

Q: What is the minimum order at Chesterfield Leaflet Distribution?
A: Unlike other leaflet distribution companies, we don’t have a minimum order! We are more than happy to take on a contract of just 500 leaflets to test the water – no job is too big or too small for our distribution teams.

Q: Who does Chesterfield Leaflet Distribution employ to deliver my leaflets?
A: It’s important that we employ the right people because our employees are going to be representing the businesses of our clients, thus its vital that our employees give potential customers the right impression. All of our employees are fully trained and highly reliable, leaving the distribution of our clients’ leaflets in safe hands. Also, our employees are paid competitively and above the national minimum wage, giving them even more of an incentive to work hard. Furthermore, our leaflet distributors are given full training on how to deliver leaflets in a respectful manner – for example, we don’t deliver to homes with ‘no flyer’ signs, we don’t walk across people’s lawns and we don’t look through people’s windows! Chesterfield Leaflet Distribution also requires employees to dress smartly, ensuring that they represent our client’s businesses in a favourable way. Moreover, we require all of our employees to remain knowledgeable about the leaflets they are delivering. This means that if somebody stops them in the street, they are able to give them some information about the businesses of our clients.

Q: How will I know that my leaflets are actually going to be delivered?
A: We employ a highly reliable team of leaflet distribution assistants so that our clients can have peace of mind and know that their leaflets are going to end up where they should. In addition to this, our team leaders and managers regularly carry out spot checks to ensure that our client’s leaflets are being delivered properly. Furthermore, we have recently installed a GPS tracking system. This new GPS tracking system allows our team leaders and managers to track the routes of our distribution assistants, ensuring that they have been delivering the leaflets in the way that they should.

Q: How do I know that my leaflets are going to reach my potential customers in good condition?
A: It’s important to our clients that their leaflets reach their target audience in prestige condition. After all, a ripped, tatty or wet leaflet creates a terrible impression! This is why our distribution assistants are trained in how to ensure that leaflets land on people’s door mats in excellent condition. We don’t force leaflets through heavy iron letterboxes, and we try to avoid folding leaflets too. Furthermore, all our distribution assistants are provided with secure and waterproof bags and trolleys to ensure that the leaflets of our clients reach their potential customers in tip-top condition.

Q: How quickly can Chesterfield Leaflet Distribution carry out the distribution?
A: Our clients are always surprised about just how quickly Chesterfield Leaflet Distribution is able to deliver their leaflets. With a team of nearly 20 distribution assistants on hand, we have the resources to potentially deliver 20,000 leaflets in one working day! We also have extra staff available in times of particularly high demand, ensuring that we can offer our clients a speedy distribution service. Get in touch to discuss just how quickly we are able to accommodate your distribution needs.

Q: Can I specify a time and date that I would like Chesterfield Leaflet Distribution to deliver my leaflets?
A: Certainly! We understand that our clients don’t want their leaflets to be delivered on the same day that local free magazines (such as ‘The Advertiser’, ‘Reflections’ and ‘S40 Magazine’) are delivered. Therefore, we allow our clients to choose the time and day that they would like their leaflets to be delivered and we will do our best to accommodate their specific requirements.

Q: Can I work for Chesterfield Leaflet Distribution?
A: We are always keen to hear from friendly and enthusiastic people who are interested in joining our leaflet distribution team. No experience in the industry is necessary as full and detailed training is provided by our team leaders and managers. To find out more about working for Chesterfield Leaflet Distribution, visit the vacancies page of our website or contact recruitment by emailing

For more information and for any other queries that you may have, please get in touch